Short Kaftan - Indigo Geometric Print


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This Indian cotton mid thigh-length Kaftan features a V neckline, drawstring empire waist.

Indian tribal print of this kaftan gives you bohomian looks.

This gorgeous kaftan is handmade by using art of block printing which requires carved wooden blocks to print designs on fabric by hand.

Unique designs and pattern are carved on to the wooden block by artists and then by dipping these blocks in vegetable dyes /natural dyes fabric is printed by hand.

It is so comfortable and lightweight that it can be used as a night gown as well. You will love it as pullover robe, one piece dress, beach wear, pool party wear etc.

In many regions with a warm climate, the kaftan is worn as a light-weight, loose-fitting garment, while in some cultures, the kaftan has served as a symbol of royalty.

As it become old it will become your favorite wear since after every wash it becomes softer and more comfortable.

Hand/Cold water washing or mild machine wash (mild detergents ) is recommended.

Material: Indian Cotton Voile, Organic colors
Length: 38"
Weight: Apprx 80-100 gm

This is a FREE size kaftan. Drawstring should be used to adjust the size of the kaftan.

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