Green and Blue Floral Hand Block Print Kaftan


  • $59.00

Hand block print long length Kaftan features a V neckline.

This gorgeous kaftan is handmade by using art of block printing which employs wooden blocks to print designs and patterns on fabric by hand.
What makes block printing unique is that the design has to be created by the artist before printing begins.
It is carved on to the block by hand.
The colors used are normally vegetable dyes, mineral and non-toxic chemical dyes are also used.
the carved block is dipped into the required color and then it is used to design the fabric.

You can use it as a beach or pool cover up, resort or holiday wear. It is so comfertable that it can be used as a night gown as well.

This fabric is very light in weight, organic cotton voile a light airy feel. It is recommended to wash it by hand and use mild detergents. It can be washed in washing machine on woolen setting.
As it become old it will become your favorite wear since after every wash it becomes softer n softer.

Length: 36"
Weight: Apprx 120-150 gm

Small Size.
Please Note : It is NOT a free size Kaftan.

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