About us

Sustainable fashion handmade by artisans

Eesha Boutique is a Sydney based online slow fashion brand. We want to bring the beauty and rich history of traditional textiles to our customers. All our products are handcrafted with meticulous care in accordance with ancient traditions. So much of fashion today is mass produced on an industrial scale. We embrace a slower, kinder and more sustainable system of production.

Our aim is to showcase socially and ethically responsible fashion. We want to promote handmade products and empower and support the skilled artisans who make them.

We want to restore a true sense of meaning and value to the clothes that we make. To bring back a fiber to hanger mentality and a true sense of connection with every stage of the supply chain and production process. 
Instead of relying on machines we provide a source of income to the skilled artisans whose incredible work has become devalued in the age of mass production and consumption.
We embrace thousand-year-old eco-friendly manufacturing and design techniques. 

Our unique designs are comfortable, durable and have a timeless elegance.

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Shilpa Sodal